yogaYoga is an ancient practice with 21st-century evidence for helping people to manage stress, anxiety, depression, and other life challenges. Research shows that a mindful yoga practice thickens the brain’s gray matter, moderates the amygdala’s emotional activity, and reduces the production of cortisol, the stress hormone responsible for our fight-or-flight response. Yoga is also known to improve quality of life and regulate mood.

Yoga joins mind and body through conscious breathing and deliberate postures (asanam) for healing and well-being.

Through individualized instruction, I guide clients through a yoga sequence that is customized for their physical and mental needs and goals.

Clients bring a range of issues to 1:1 instruction, including anxiety, depression, general stress, mood fluctuation, fatigue, attention deficits, and chronic pain.

I create a personalized yoga session for each client, drawing from vinyasa, hatha, and Iyengar styles.

I conduct a complete functional assessment of stress, posture, gait, and physical trouble spots. This enables us to work together to bring greater ease and increased strength and flexibility–in both body and mind. I then design a yoga program that offers both support and challenge to scaffold each client toward greater health.

Individual yoga can be single- or multi-session plans, depending on the client’s needs and focus for improved health.

Yoga can also be incorporated into counseling or coaching appointments, as desired.

I also offer customized, guided yoga programs for individuals and groups from adolescence through adulthood. One example of a group yoga program: Yoga for Teen Athletes.

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