On-site yoga programs are expertly designed for a teen and team audience to maximize fun and value to athletes and coaches. The evidence-based curriculum mixes guided mindfulness exercises, energized yoga for core strength and flexibility, and creative drills for teamwork and mind-body confidence.

8 Week Teen Yoga Program

Total Sport Training

Customized program balances physical with mental training to meet your needs, interests, and budget.


Client Testimonial

I see Coach K’s direct impact on our players. They may not even fully realize the mindfulness they’re practicing, but there it is for the world to see. Our practice time is our most valuable resource and it is well spent on Coach K.’s program. The results are tangible and build on each other.

The group exercises are part of what becomes a team-wide mindfulness. And then you see it: on the field, during a timeout or halftime, or in the heat of the moment. They take a deep breath, they show a calm focus, and they connect with each other. To be sure, there are objective results on the scoreboard and standings that must have their credit in some large part to the yoga in our program.

Coach K LaughingTo witness and experience firsthand the maturation of 40 female teenage athletes is understand the value of Coach K.’s program for women athletes.

– Coach Bill Larkins, Manchester Central High School Field Hockey, 2016 2nd place team in New Hampshire