I’m a developmental psychologist and counselor who has built my career in cultivating my clients’ mind-body health through careful and compassionate support of their goals. I focused on relational health psychology at the Harvard Graduate School of Education and work with clients to teach valuable, evidence-based skills for reducing stress and improving quality of life through person-centered counseling.

I use a strengths-based approach to carefully guide my clients toward greater self-confidence with maintaining a lifestyle of wellness and efficacy.

My expertise in fostering adult and adolescent development integrates mindfulness, therapeutic yoga, and reflective practice. By listening to your patterns of experience–including successes and challenges–we will work together to scaffold you toward greater well-being through inquiry, understanding, motivation, and teaching you specific practices for a path of strength and calm.

My orientation will highlight your individual assets to meet and address any self-defeating habits and difficulties you encounter through proven breathing techniques, mindful movement, and other accessible practices.

As a counselor and coach, I believe in the healing power of engaging the body to help cultivate psychological well-being. As part of my unique practice, I work with clients to develop whole body fitness in the ways they find most restorative and empowering, such as running, walking, and yoga. In these practices, I teach clients how to optimize their breath in action to foster physical and psychological wellness. Whether developing a meditative running practice, training for a distance from 5k to the marathon, walking for mind-body health, or practicing yoga, clients will benefit from a blend of East-West principles in a mindful coaching approach. As a 13-time marathoner and years of experience as a coach, I can attest to the rewarding experiences and outcomes that mindful training leads to. Together, we can exercise your inner strength.