Life is flux. Challenge, pain, and struggle are part of life, but suffering is optional. And much of the time, we carry our challenge and struggle in the body–in our muscles, joints, and fascia. My integrated health and wellness practice equips clients with the knowledge and skills to develop and exercise their inner strength through a unique approach to mind-body counseling and coaching. The three pillars of my work–breath, body, and belief–guide our work together in an active dialogue between mindfulness, movement, and reflection.

Dr. Kristina Pinto - Tree LogoOur time together will give you new moments of grace and awe, toward yourself and the world around you. And when you find yourself trudging against the winds of life, you will have the capacity to tap into a strength and calm you never knew was there.

I am a developmental psychologist who has built my career on mind-body health through fitness, therapeutic yoga, and mindfulness.

Dr Kristina Pinto CounselingCounseling & Coaching

Insightful, evidence-based support for adolescents and adults seeking help with managing stress and experiencing greater clarity, calm, and strength. More >


MindfulnessMindfulness Programs

Individual and group programs for reducing stress, stabilizing mood, and improving quality of life through creative meditation practices. More >


yogaCustomized Yoga Instruction

1:1 and group sessions for adolescents through adults aimed to cultivate focus, build strength and flexibility, reduce stress, and enhance performance. More >

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